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Subject: Eurocon 2015 i Sankt Petersborg
From: omjc [at] (Olav M.J. Christiansen)
Followup: fantastik.generel
Date: Feb 26 2015 15:03:49

Modtaget fra ESFS:

The 2015 Eurocon is in St. Petersburg, 23-26 April 2015. See:

1. Award Nominations:

The nominations are to be in one month before the convention, so as to
allow delegates to review them. This is your warning.

Please send nominations by 23rd March 2015 via our webform (, or to contact_esfs [at]

Please give backing information (web sites, etc.) so that the voters can
make an informed decision.

Note: previous winners may not win again in that category. Please check
at before nominating.

2. Agenda of the meeting

I am including a copy of the Draft agenda. Items may be taking in an order different than listed.

Please send any additional items for the agenda to myself, gareth [at] or contact_esfs [at] .

4.2016 Presentation, and questions.
5.2017 Bid Presentations.
6.Pre-bid notifications.
7.Award Presentations.
8.Final Bid Questions
9.Vote for Eurocon 2017
10.Proposals pending from 2014. (
11.Proposals to change Constitution. (
12.Votes for Awards
13.Announcement of Site Selection Results.

3. ESFS Yahoo Group

there is a private Yahoo Group for members (attendees at
earlier ESFS meetings) to present and discuss potential nominees.

It is here:

At present it is closed and moderated.

Please email me to say you want to join, or apply at the web address

4. Email List

This email will go to all attendees who signed the list, giving an email
address, at the 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 ESFS meetings.

If I couldn't read your writing, you won't get this email.

These emails were sent out using a Blind Carbon copy so as to guard privacy. This is the only ESFS communication for this convention that will be sent out in this manner, all others will go to the ESFS Yahoo group. Email me if you want further
information. To be removed permently from this list please reply to this e-mail and ask to be removed.

5. ESFS Awards

The List of awards that can be nominated for is on this page, Using the webform makes it easier for us to track submissions, and makes it easier for you to send all your nominations.

Nominations received after the 23rd of March will not be included. Please get in on time, this is your last reminder.

Gareth Kavanagh
 ESFS Secretary

Feb 26  o Eurocon 2015 i Sankt Petersborg  Olav M.J. Christiansen